A positive contribution to managing a home and codes of good practice for the well-being of our residents is available through our manuals, these are specific to the service we provide having been written by our group. They have met with the approval of the various authorities that we deal with and are available through membership in electronic form, they include a variety of risk assessments and checklists for staff competency. Other documents that members use are readily shared within the group.

Quality Management System

Managing and monitoring the quality of the service you are providing is essential good business practice. Quality is established by the standards that you set yourself and by continuously monitoring those standards. Emcare through a member home has produced a set of documents that meets the approval of the CQC inspection unit.

Self assessment is perhaps the best way to ensure that standards are being maintained and quickly provides the way to improve or rectify areas that fall below the levels you strive to achieve.

The CQC Care Home Regulations

Legislative and other optional forms have been written by EMCARE members as an aid for homes to meet their legal obligations with regards to the relevant acts of parliament on matters concerning care of your residents or staff employment. Members can also share their experience in dealing with these issues at our regular meetings.

Staff Training

To supplement induction training, a record of training booklet has been designed for each member of staff to retain for themselves. This booklet provides a double check ensuring that all key areas have been covered to the satisfaction of both trainee and trainer and are available for purchase. Regular updates on current training courses on offer to care owners and assistance with training fees are circulated when available.

Codes of Good Practice

Booklets written by EMCARE compiled as a result of contributions by residential home owners who are members of the association. They therefore contain practical guidance on those aspects of care which are essential for good practice.

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