Medical Sites

  • Check your hearing - a free online hearing test where you can find out if your hearing is impaired. Follow the links on their website.
  • Links to hearing impairment - more than 30 links and available resources to help those with hearing issues.
  • Check your vision - find out whether you need an eye test. You'll need speakers or headphones because the test uses spoken instructions.
  • Find your diabetes risk - check many health risks for yourself on this link.
  • NHS Choices - Covers many health conditions and treatments, healthy living, social care & support and general health news.
  • Alzscot - from Scotland's leading dementia charity, articles and booklets relating to dementia and caring needs.
  • Patient UK - Contains information leaflets on all medical conditions with diagrams and audio.
  • Netdoctor - an all round medical encyclopaedia.
  • Common Colds - how to deal with colds.
  • - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, although a US site it covers Worldwide outbreaks of diseases, treatment and prevention.
  • Marie Curie Foundation
  • BBC Health - A good all rounder with a health encyclopedia.
  • Health Protection Agency - Provides information on threats from infection diseases and health hazards.
  • Dr Foster - Compare hospitals and consultants to help you make choices about treatment.

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